Thursday, December 18, 2008

What an eventful day!

Here is our first family picture! Colleen, our caseworker, came to visit yesterday and while she was here took this picture for us. We had a great talk. She brought presents from "K" for Samuel. She gave us more sleep sacks, a few toys and a beautiful quilt made by the women at her church.

Samuel also had his circumcision. My husband couldn't look. It was very quick and Sam was more upset that the nurse was holding his legs still then the actual procedure. I'm glad it's over. In another week his belly button and penis should both be healed.

Then we took a quick trip to Human Resources to add Samuel to our insurance.

By the time we all got home we were exhausted, so we had a quick lunch and took a nap.


Amy said...

That is a lovely family picture!
You and Richard have received the most amazing Christmas gift of all!:)

God Bless,

Becky said...

Looking like old pros already!! And not too sleep deprived...I know you are..just not showing it too badly!! :o)
He's so precious! So happy for you!

Melba said...

Samuel will treasure that picture someday!

Michele said...


Michelle Smiles said...

What an incredible gift for this holiday season! Congrats!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

That's a big day for sure! Have a wonderful Merry Christmas with your bundle of joy.