Friday, November 28, 2008

SEVEN.....non-mommy days left!

Here are SEVEN names we considered before we chose Samuel:

7. Christopher
6. Joseph
5. David
4. Benjamin
3. Noah
2. Thomas
1. Joshua

Then God spoke to us and we knew it had to be SAMUEL. We chose the name Samuel a long time here if you want to know the story.

Don't forget to go to T-10 and Counting....GIVE AWAY! Today is the last day to make your guesses.


Kris said...

I figured that was the passage that lead you to chose his name. It's one of my favorites.

L L said...

Just one more week...unless Sam decides to come earlier or maybe late...
I am off that you know I will be checking back OFTEN!!!

Anonymous said...

We chose Sean eons ago. Now I keep making other suggestions. How about Gavin or Reese? No sale, it's going to be Sean