Thursday, November 20, 2008

POST 1 - A walk down Memory Lane: Ah, Sunset that is...

The following few posts are by my husband, Richard. He took pictures of his trip to Chicago and wanted to share them with his family, but as you will see there are so many that e-mailing each would take too long.

Welcome to Autumn in Glencoe, Illinois.

Here's our first family home from multiple angles...

To the right of the sign is the window that peers into the spare bedroom where, Marie Seroke, the "summer girl" slept." Tracey is quite amused that we had a "summer girl" back then. Nanny, she gets, "summer girl" is just comical.

I'm still trying to work on Tracey to get a "summer girl" for Samuel, but she's not buying.

Family Members: E-Mail me if you there are any pictures that you would like a copy of. Example: Richard, send me picture 3 from post 1.

Love Richard