Friday, November 7, 2008

Grilling Goodness #3

Every week GOLDEN GOODNESS posts 8 questions. Here are my answers to this week's questions.

1. What is one of your 'must see' tv shows? I too love most reality shows, like Dancing With the Stars, Survivor and the Bachelor. I also like The Mentalist, Eli Stone, CSI, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers and 48 Hours Mystery.

2. Do you have a facebook page? No. Blogging is the thing for me. I don't really see the point in posting somewhere else or even having two blogs.

3. How old were you when you got married? Hmm....well, the first time I was 24 and he was 33. That lasted 6 years. I met Richard when I was 32 and we got married when I was 35 and he was 34. We've been married now for 5 years. I truly believe that he is my soul mate.

4. What is one bad habit that you need to break? I have very poor eating habits. Sometimes I'll just have cereal for dinner or forget to eat all together. I really need to eat better, especially now that Sam is coming. My husband works late, but when he and I sit down together I usually eat better. I don't really enjoy cooking just for me. I like meals that are easy and quick.

5. What is your favorite cold-weather activity? I used to live in NH and I don't particularly like that kind of bitter, prolonged, cold anymore, but I still love to ski and have hot cocoa in a hot tub while it's snowing.

6. At church, do you always sit in the same area? Yes! I think most people do.

7. What do you like best about blogging? I have always enjoyed writing in my journal and writing stories. I have tried to get published with a couple children's stories but nothing has ever happened, so this fulfills that need. I have also found so much support and understanding while going through infertility and the adoption process. I actually wish I had found it sooner. The friends I have made (though I have never met any in person) are amazing!!

8. What's the last funny thing you remember hearing from a child? I teach human development (sex ed.) in my 5th grade class every year. Recently I was asked, "What's the difference between a 'condo' and a 'condom,' Mrs. B?"



Amy said...

Grilling Goodness is so much fun!

1. We LOVE the Mentalist. That is a great new show. Very clever. And I heart Eli Stone too. And I cannot get enough of my true crime you know I love 48 Hours Mystery.

7. Blogging ladies are the best. Present company included.;)

8. LOL!:) That is funny!

Thanks for your prayers for my mom, Tracey!

Not much longer now for you...I'm so excited for you and Richard and Samuel. You are blessed.

Big hugs,

Michelle Smiles said...

Condo and condom? LOL

And I wish I could forget to eat. The only time I had the problem was when I first adopted Sabrina. I couldn't figure out how to take care of her and myself. Obviously something you have to get the hang of pretty quickly or it doesn't work out so well!

My Goodness said...

1. I do like the Bachelor...hubby knows one of the old Bachelors...I have an autographed picture...very handsome! :)

2. I don't post blogs on facebook, I just keep up with all the people who don't have blogs...just a friendly network of people I mostly DO know in real life.

4. Yea, I don't forget to eat, but I do not like to cook if hubby is not home.

5. I've never been's on my list of things to do!

6. I think I may shake things up a bit this Sunday! lol

7. I've heard lots of people say that blogging is cheap therapy...

8. That's a good one...what a subject to teach to such an impressionable age, yikes!

Glad you were able to play along!
Have a great weekend!