Friday, November 14, 2008

Feeling calmer...major task done...

Even though I am on vacation now, I have spent the last two day at work getting plans ready for the three weeks I work from December 2nd through the 19th!

I got a brainstorm at 2 A.M. on Wednesday morning that I needed to make a file folder for each day and put them all in order in a crate. GENIOUS!!!

The picture above shows each day's sub file. I wanted to be ready since we don't know exactly when Samuel will come. That way I can call in sick on any day and all the sub has to do is pull out the right dated folder and they're in business.

Now I'm working on doing the same for the first two weeks in January. After that my "long-term" sub will have to do all the planning and I'm off the hook until February 17th.


Kris said...

Brilliant. I have something similar for the college course I teach, only mine are "permanent" plans by week. I do make some adjustments, obviously, but having it all broken down by week helps me to remember what needs to get done, handouts, etc. that week or if I want to make it the next week, etc.

Definitely a HUGE sigh of relief!

You are within DAYS now!! VERY EXCITING!!!! Can't wait!!!

Headless Mom said...

I'm just stunned that there is only 3 weeks left. 3 weeks! Good for you for getting something crossed off of your to do list.

Amy said...

Great job! Your subs will be so thankful!:)

Becky said...

That thing says 20 days!!!!! I can't believe it!! And, it may not be that long!!
Glad you are all ready! I wasn't when I taught 3rd and Jman came. Of course, we weren't in a match. We jut got that "there's a baby here, come get him" call! I had an awesome team of teachers who helped my sub plan.

Sheila said...

Wow, you only get two months off?

Okay, usually I'm jealous of you Americans, but Canadians now get a year off with the birth of each child. And the workplace has to save your job for you.

It's inefficient, yes, but it's great for moms!

Still, I'm so glad you'll have some time with your baby, and I'm glad you're all ready for his arrival!

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