Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Wreaths...Ho! Ho! Ho!...part 1

Every year I make at least 5 Christmas wreaths. Usually I give them away as gifts.

Here is my cluttered sewing room. This has become the catch all room, now that Sam is coming. Usually I am a lot more organized. We are storing his stroller, play mat, an extra crib, bath tub, vibrating chair and a hobby horse in here too. Once he comes all this stuff will come out! I'm also collecting things and storing them in here for next spring's yard sale....anyway...back to the wreaths.

This is my little work space.

These are the wreath forms I buy at Hobby Lobby. I got them for half price. Only $3.50 a piece.

I like to spread out when I am making something, so all my decorations and supplies go on the floor. I buy ornaments right after Christmas and get them half price. I also find a lot of stuff at yard sales. No two wreaths are ever the same. They are all one of a kind. If someone wants something to go along with a certain theme or has specific colors in mind, it usually costs me more to produce because I can't always find what I need on sale.

First, lay out your wreath form and plump up the branches. The branches are all on wire so they move very easily. Move them around so it looks more natural (see right side) and less smashed (see left side). 

Next, warm up your glue gun. I use my glue gun to attach most everything. WARNING: IT IS VERY HOT! YOU WILL PROBABLY GET SOME ON YOU DURING THIS PROCESS! I GET A NEW BLISTER EVERY YEAR! PLEASE, BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Ok...the lawyers are happy...back to our show....

Here are the supplies you'll need...note...I usually add more once I see how full the wreath is, but I'll explain that's called "artistic licence."

The first wreath I am going to make is for "K," Samuel's birth mother. She is our angle, so as soon as I saw these glass angles, at a yard sale this summer, I knew they were for her. They only cost me $1.00.

Tune in tomorrow for more...I'll put this wreath together and show you the other wreaths I completed too.

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