Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leif Garrett's Twin

Was I the only one in love with Leif Garrett?

Here's his sexy photo. I bet you want to marry him now!

Well, if you weren't in love with him, it was probably a good choice! This would have been your future as Mrs. Garrett. Leif Garrett today!

But, I bet you didn't know he had a twin. Well, I did some searching and here he (she) is!

Please don't ask...I have no ideas what happened. I was a cute kid at one time...see.....!


Amy said...

I wasn't into Leif Garrett...I was a Matt Dillon girl...And although your hair was similar to his...You were much cuter!;)

And as Garth Brooks sings, "Sometimes I thank God, for unanswered prayers....";) Amen? :)

Annie said...

I was going to say, but Amy beat me to it, Thank God for unanswered prayers.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

That is too funny. You actually do resemble him a little in that pic, and not just because of the hair. But I know that that just means you were cute then, too, right? I'm a little older than you (45), so I wasn't so into Leif, but I do love nostalgic stuff like this.

Sheila said...

Oh, Tracey, I do remember Leif.

And Shaun Cassidy. It was the tragedy of my grade two year that my mother would not let me go to the Shaun Cassidy concert, even though all the other little girls were going.

Now I think she was the smartest woman on earth.

Too bad he sunk so low. But that just shows that we shouldn't idolize the rich and famous, doesn't it?

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