Wednesday, September 24, 2008

DANCING WITH THE predictions

I made my first predictions on the couples here.

Jeff and Edyta are out! That was one of my predictions....that's one point for me!

Brooke and Derek are now my #1 pick to win!

Kim and Mark are safe? What? She is the brunette version of Paris Hilton! Ugghh...

Cloris and Corky! Oh my God...she's going to have a massive heart attack by the end of this. Give the woman a break. She's 82 years her out already! Please!

Maurice and Cheryl are safe! I think I made the right prediction with them! They have nothing to worry about!

Misty and Max are safe too! They actually may have to be moved up in my predications. She did better last night.

Warren and Kim surprised me too. He did better then I expected last night!

Susan and Tony were better last night, but I don't think she's going to make it to the end.

Rocco and Karina were very good last night and may move up in the ranks.

Cody and Julianne did an amazing job!

Toni and Alec were great too.

Lacey and Lance are hot together!

Ted and Inna are out! I was right....they were my next couple out in the original list.

So my new predictions are as follows:

#1 Brooke and Derek
#2 Lacey and Lance
#3 Cody and Julianne
#4 Toni and Alec
#5 Maurice and Cheryl
#6 Rocco and Karina
#7 Misty and Max
#8 Morgan and Kim
#9 Kim and Mark
#10 Susan and Tony
#11 Cloris and Corky


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've missed the ending the last 2 nights...thanks to baby girl! Your SBP

L L said...

I think you might just be right...But I have "issues" with matron of honor's husband is best friends with her ex-husband the plastic out of loyalty to them I can't root for her.

I also had Cloris Leachman on my flight years ago and she was in coach and wanted us to upgrade her to First Class for free. When we didn't she pulled that "Don't you know who I am?!" routine. UGH!

Shan said...

My six year old picked Brooke to win from the opening credits. She did the same thing, correctly, last season with Kristi Yamaguchi.