Saturday, September 27, 2008


These are the places of interest I've found in my recent BLOG HOPPING journeys!

SOLUTIONS is one of my most favorite places to shop on line and by catalog.

TAPESTRY BOOKS is a great place to find books on adoption.

Would you like a FORTUNE COOKIE. You can make your own fortune cookies for your blog.

MY CREATION is a website to have a book made about your family. Their home page says, "Every family is special. Some families, though, are extra special! My Creations is a company started to give unique families (those touched by adoption or reproductive technology) the opportunity to put together a personalized story for your family that will last a lifetime."

I've recently added STATCOUNTER to my blog. I love it.

Have you ever tried WORDLE?

Where have you been BLOG HOPPING lately.
Found anything interesting? Let me know.


Amy said...

Thanks for the link to the stat counter. I just nabbed one for my blog too.:)

Have a lovely weekend, my friend!
God Bless,

Debbie B said...

That My Creation is interesting. I'd never seen that one.