Saturday, June 15, 2019


These are the two oil tanks, original to the house, that are in our basement. The line coming into the house, the legs and the line to the furnace that goes under the slab are no longer up to code. The tank on the left is also rusted out on top.
You can see the basement stairs that they are going to have to use to get these old tanks out and the new one in.
These blue oil drums will hold the oil until they put in the new tank.
Here is the new tank just coming off the truck.
It's very heavy.
Is it going to fit?
It made it in the door.
It made it all the way down the stairs.
Now to get the second tank out.
The new tank is installed with the new line going overhead not under the slab. This should be good for 25-30 years.
I can now read the fill level too! The old one didn't work at all.
So happy to have this done!

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