Friday, September 23, 2016


If you don't want to be tossed on the ground don't fight the police when they are asking you questions. You don't want them to use their guns, so now they can't use their hands to defend themselves either. I don't care if you are a 15 year old child...boy/girl, white/black listen to the cops when they need to question you. If you get out of control, don't be shocked when you are physically restrained and pepper spayed.
As I was told recently about POC, let's turn it around and say "put yourself in their (the police) shoes." How would you react in these situations where you don't know who has a gun, who will fight you, making split second decisions to keep yourself and the public safe. 

If the media spent as much time broadcasting how the police handle situations that go right, instead of focusing on what they do wrong, we'd see that the vast majority of the police are amazingly kind and brave people. 

Put a microscope on another group the way you have the police and they will look just as bad. 

It's like when we thought the instances of rape were going up, when in actuality they were just being reported more. 

Yes, get the bad apples out, punish those who need punishing and train better, but please don't vilify the police as a whole. No entire GROUP or RACE is bad. 

The police should work to improve the culture inside their group, just like POC have to work to improve the culture within theirs. 
Rant done.


MtnGirl said...

Very Eloquently said!

MtnGirl said...

Very eloquently stated!