Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I am not a coupon clipper. I know this works for some and if I find a good one I'll use it, but I do not want to take the time nor make it a hobby like some do. If that works for you great, but these are other ways that I save.

1. ALWAYS use a list. A list helps you stay on budget and it helps a lot with this conversation: "Mom, can we get....?" Mom replies, "Is it on the list?" "No." Mom says, "Then we can't get it, sorry." This words with my husband too!
2. You have to be very organized and meal plan to make this work. I divide my shopping up in three trips. I usually have my 2 1/2 year old with me and his lack of patience for shopping makes this method work for me. One day I'll go to the local produce market for fruits and vegetables. The quality is much better, I like supporting local small stores and it's usually cheaper. The second day is to the local Dollar Store. I get paper goods, cleaning products, office supplies, batteries, plastic wear, canned items and some personal care products, like shampoo and bandaids etc. It's always been cheaper for me. Then on day three I go to a grocery store for all the other grocery items: dairy, meat, frozen, drinks, crackers etc.

3. Don't buy bottled water. There are other ways to get water that are cheaper.
If your tap water is of poor quality, get a BRITA Water Filter like we have (I am not being paid by them to say this.).
Then I bought some plastic water bottles and fill them daily.
4. I've had a BIG BOX STORE (COSTCO, SAM'S CLUB) membership in the past, but I found that I was buying things that were not really needed so now I just buy in bulk when things are on sale.

5. Buy meat in bulk and then rewrap to freeze smaller packages.
6. Don't buy brand name foods. Most of the time GREAT VALUE (The generic brand may be different in your area.) is much cheaper and there is NO difference in taste.
7. Skip prepared vegetables or convenience foods (buy cheese, crackers and deli meat instead of Lunchables).
8. Look at the unit price.

9. Don't impulse shop. Stay strong and stay with the list. Spending a dollar here and a dollar there adds up fast. You do not NEED a candy bar, an energy drink, or another tube of chap stick. Also just because something IS on SALE doesn't mean you need to buy it. If you didn't intend to buy it then buying it, even though it's on SALE, still means you are spending more then you meant to.
10. Don't shop when you are hungry. It's hard to pass up that donut or extra bag of cookies when your mouth is watering.

Comment below with other ways that you save. Happy Shopping!

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