Monday, September 21, 2015


I've tried to read the Bible....I don't know how many times. I've read some of the Bible, but it's never become a daily habit for me. I read a lot of religious books that help me hear from God. I listen to JOYCE MEYER a lot, I've kept a journal since I was 13 years old, and I love art.

Finally, I think I've found the way for me to really enjoy reading the Bible.


It combines my love of reading, my love of art and my desire to read the Bible and hear God speak to me.

I started with John. It took me about a week to read through the 21 chapters. In the past when I've tried to stick to a reading plan I start to feel guilty when I fall behind and then I just give up. Doing my Bible study this way I was excited each day and wanted to keep going, when it was time to go to sleep.
There is no right or wrong way to journal. At the beginning I was writing more because writing is what I do best. I high light and pick out what speaks to me.
I started adding pictures and color to enhance what I was reading.

You'll have to figure out what highlighters and pens work best for you. You see at the top of this page, the previous page bled through a little. I use a MICRON pen to write (I like them because they come in different sizes.)
I started writing in bigger print the things that really stood out to me.

Plus I added in the reference numbers: like John 7:18.
Now I am starting to get more artistic. I found some highlighters that are made for the thin pages of a Bible.
Then I played around with letter size and a few pictures.
I found that reading one page and then drawing what stood out to me helped me focus and not rush ahead. I also used colored pencils. 
I found that while drawing, I was repeating over and over in my head that line from scripture.

Here I am playing with letter fonts again.

This is one of my favorite pages from this chapter. 
It helps me memorize the verses too.
Then I really started getting fancy...adding letter stickers....
....and Washi tape. I love the way this page turned out too.

Sometimes I find pictures that I copy from the internet, like this cup and then I add the words.

This page, for obvious reasons, I left very plain.
As I researched BIBLE JOURNALING, I found that some people use water colors and their drawings are amazing and elaborate. I got great inspiration, but realized that will never be me, but it doesn't need to be.

I had never read this verse before. I feel I have learned so much just from this one book already. Can't wait to pick the next book to read, study, illustrate and journal.

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Connie said...

What a neat way to make your reading personal and engaging. And beautiful!