Sunday, August 16, 2015


Going to school in August makes duty on the playground unbearable. Just walking from my portable to the building is exhausting. I can't wait until it cools off a little bit.

Last week I said I was going to wear this...
....but in trying to survive 95 degree days on blacktop, the capris were going to be way too hot.... I wore this instead. Much cooler and I got a lot of compliments.

We are expecting high 90's again this week, so this is what I will be wearing to stay cool:
White capris and a red peasant shirt. I might have to rethink the capris again. May go with a pair of tan bermuda shorts instead.
Blank bermuda shorts and a black striped nit top. I'm trying to stay away from black for now, but I really love this top.
A tan skirt and a sleeveless jean top with pearl buttons. Skirts and no sleeves are the way to go in this heat.
Tan capris and a red and white nit top.
 A navy blue dress....
....with little green designs. 

Have a great week!

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