Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Week of School

The student's love analyzing TODAY'S NUMBER. We do this as a BELLRINGER when they walk in the door, while I take attendance and do lunch count.
He's writing his answers in his spiral.
 We also do PAIR-SHARE in our LITERACY GROUPS. This is one of the favorite corners.
 This is a study hall block, where all the kids are working on something different and I walk around assisting.
This is the consensogram for our first Math Module. They have to put a sticker showing how well they understand a topic, like multiplying 2 digit numbers. One means they have no idea and four means they feel that they are experts.
 We write in our agendas every day too.
 Here is a student working on his continents and oceans map. We have a test on this next week.
 This student is matching words with their definitions. It's a fun way to practice.
Here is another picture of my room as the students are working.

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