Thursday, February 19, 2015


Here are some systems I use in my classroom that I will definitely be keeping next year.

Even in 5th grade the kids love having jobs and the clothes pins make it super easy. It's long and narrow and fits on my metal cabinet next to the homework chart.
We have been practicing this since day 1 and by about November they know the rules and can really work pretty well together.
These cubbies are actually book shelves tipped sideways. They keep all the kids extra stuff from cluttering up their desks.
I use large bulldog clips to label each one. That way when new children come in it can be easily realphabetised.
The kids are in charge of this too. They like having it updated and take total responsibility for it.
I moved my desk next to this metal door that has the heating unit in it. I use it for all my notes for myself.
This is my sub binder. Every single sub has made comments that this has been extremely useful. I put it out every time I am absent, but it also has emergency plans in it in case I can't get to school to make any.
Here are the pages I include.

I put each page in a page protector, back to back and I saved each one on my zip drive so I can make changes. It has really been a God send, especially on days that I can't make it in.

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