Saturday, November 1, 2014


In the hopes that you will be kind to teachers this holiday season, I found some great sites that give great ideas for teacher gits.

The first one is I THINK WE COULD BE FRIENDS. Beth gives ideas on what to give as well as what not to give too.

The next is an idea I found for MASON JARS GIFTS.

Another site I found is LOVE FROM THE OVEN, which gives ideas from REAL teachers about what they would like to receive.

I also like this idea from AROUND MY FAMILY TABLE. We all like water tumblers (Even though we never have time to pee.) with pens and such inside.

Then if you are crafty you could try these ideas from MAD IN CRAFTS.

I have never met a teacher that didn't like coffee. So this idea from SWEET METEL MOMENTS, would always be appreciated.

My last suggestion is this idea I found at PINTEREST, but when I tried to go to the link which is at WE DON'T HAVE IT ALL DOT COM, the pictures wouldn't come up, but I think the idea is pretty self explanatory.

Be nice to teachers this holiday season.

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