Saturday, August 9, 2014


Sam and I went to New Hampshire for a week to celebrate my home town's 250 birthday and we had a reunion of sorts too. There are many more pictures that I will post once I get copies from other members of the family. This is about 1/2 of the pictures that I took.

First we went for a walk to the candy store. Sam is the one in the green shirt running way out in front.
Sam didn't like having to walk everywhere, but....

....he loved the candy store.
Here are all the cousins lined up in front of the candy jars.
On the way to the candy store we stopped at the historical society and......
......found a picture of my mother in first grade in 1930. She is in the front row, fifth from the left.
My 60 something year old brother, Kent, played ball with the cousins too.
He's in the red shirt....trying to run.

Sam is the umpire.

Kent didn't like the call and was thrown out the game.

We played lots of Rumicube,
Golf and Yanif.
There was even time for a foot rub or two.
Then we invaded the swimming hole.
This is all of us coming down the path.
This is our favorite place to swim....Ladies Bathtub.
The water was VERY COLD.

Sam was going to get in, but.....remember that cold part.....
....he decided to wait until it warmed up.... didn't warm
....he helped Uncle Mark build a dam.

Uncle Andy started helping with the dam building too......

....then Aunt Genie helped.

Sam loved helping Uncle Andy make dip.
We had lots of great conversations and laughs. too.
Mom got to visit with old friends.
Did I mention Sam loved helping Uncle Andy.
Sam also loved the stairs.
We had TONS of great food too.

There was much toe painting too.

Here is a picture of the block party in front of our church.
Our local firemen dancing.

We are always asked to do a profile shot because of our "family nose."
At the reunion dinner there was a lot of dancing, which was started off by Aunt Genie and Uncle Kevin.....
.....and Aunt Karen and Uncle Brian.
Here is the house with about half the cars parked in front of Dad would not be happy that we parked on the grass.
We spent time in Dad's pub watching my parents 50th wedding anniversary tape.
Sam did not want to leave.
We love Nana.
My mother had a great time. I miss them all, already and I can't wait to go back.

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