Monday, March 31, 2014


I want some advice.

Andrew is 6 months old and still wakes 2-3 times a night. I give him baby food for dinner around 6 p.m. and his last bottle at 7:30 p.m. and we then put him to bed. Then he'll wake around 11:00 (ish) p.m., 1:30 (ish) a.m. and again around 5:00 (ish) a.m. Each time he takes a full bottle and falls asleep quickly. He does not sleep very much during the day either.

We were spoiled with Sam. He was sleeping through the night at 3 months.

My husband and I need a full nights sleep.

What can we do?


happymomof2 said...

I know what you mean!!! My three kiddos slept through the night by 3/4 months old. My 4th kiddo is almost 9 months old and still wakes 2-4 times a night!!! I'm the only one who gets up, so I'm not getting much sleep. I think part of the issue is the little one is still in the co-sleeper in our room bc we only have a 3 bdrm home and I can't put her in with her sister because then they will both be up!
What about giving him some cereal before bed or with his first night time feeding around 11:00? It sounds like he's hungry and that's why he's waking?! Hope you are able to figure out a solution, and get some sleep! Thinking of you

kalibug said...

Baby cereal should help. Rice cereal was too hard on both my kiddos tummies with reflux so we used baby oatmeal and they slept hard. We mixed with some baby food (fruit). Good luck on sleeping soon!

Juli said...

Hmmm... could be that he's going through a growth spurt and needing extra food. Above advice should help with that. With my two it was more environmental... sure they would eat and fall back asleep... but I found that using a better quality diaper at night (so no wetness to wake them up) and swaddling them really tight before bed helped. They also both benefited from heavier weight blankets, later finding that they both had sensory issues this made sense, but a heavier weight fleece blanket to lock in the security and warmth did the trick for my two.

Then of course... there's the crying it out theory...