Saturday, March 1, 2014


My poor little Sam....

Last Friday Sam was sent home from school early because he was coughing, wasn't hungry and just wanted to sleep. All through the weekend he got steadily worse where he was coughing to the point of vomiting. We were using his nebulizer with budesonide and albuterol and we gave him prednisone, but that made him sick too. Finally, after coughng and no sleep (for anyone) all weekend, on Sunday night I took him to urgent care and they gave him a steroide shot in his leg. When we got home he started screaming that his ear hurt. We were again awake all night.

Monday he was no better, so I called in a sub and got him in with the allergy/asthma doctor and they gave him antibiotics for a double ear infection. When they used the oximeter on his thumb, it came back with an oxygen level of 85. So we were sent home with oxygen. We had to threaten Sam with going the hospital to get him to keep the oxygen mask on. They also increased both his budesonide and abuterol doses.

Richard took him back on Tuesday, and they almost sent Sam to the ER because his oxygen levels were still below 90. After waiting some time in the office they went back up. He also had to get a chest x-ray (we are still waiting on the results) to be sure he doesn't have pneumonia.

Richard took him back again on Wednesday and the oxygen levels had improved a lot. Now he only has to use the oxygen when he sleeps (until next Wednesday's follow-up). On Wednesday night he finally got his appetite back after only surviving on fluids since Friday.

Insurance wouldn't cover an oximeter, so I bought one to keep at the house.

Thursday and Friday Sam steadily improved. He is still coughing a little, but he is on the mend.

Next Wednesday, when Daddy takes him back for his follow up, they are going to schedule a CT scan to take a look at his sinuses again and he will need to have the skin prick tests again for allergies. The doctor says this is all leading to having to get allergy shots.

I am hoping that when we move back to New Hampshire a lot of these issues disappear, since it's a lot more humid there and the stuff he's allergic to doesn't grow out there.

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