Tuesday, December 31, 2013


January...My Mom and Dad's place here in Albuquerque was finally sold (I still get junk mail for my Dad.). Everyone went to the dentist and no one had any cavities.

February...Grandma Apple came to visit.

Richard and I had our birthdays. We dot our taxes done. I organized my recipes and the grocery list. I also finished a frog cross stitch.

March...Made a fort from boxes.

We had Spring Break, went to the zoo, found the laminate for our floors and finalized the dates for our trip to California in June. We were blessed with news that we could adopt again and started getting the extra bedroom organized for our new arrival.

April...Filled garage with storage room stuff.

We turned in the adoption paperwork and were approved and took al the cats in for their shots.

May...Made a trip to NH for Mom's 90th birthday.

Sam had his mole checked out and the removal was scheduled for June.

June..Trip to California to see Grandpa Don and Grandma Arlen. Lots of pool time, home study update done, another trip to the zoo and Aunt Karen came to visit.

Our new floors were installed.

July...4th of July parade and fireworks. July 5th visit with Ear, Nose and Throat Dr about Sam's sinus problem and surgery is scheduled for July 24, celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, Sinus surgery completed and Sam appeared in our adoption agencies newsletter

New cabinets installed

August...Sam got strep throat, I got hired at an elementary school, set up my classroom and started back to school (work).

September...Our son, Andrew, was born.

October...Birth-mom changes her mind, not once, but 4 times, but then our son, Andrew, finally came home.

Went on unpaid leave for 3 months.
Moved everything out of my classroom, so they could remodel it.
Sam's cousin, Aunt Leslie and Grandma Apple cam to visit.


Decorated for Christmas and celebrated Thanksgiving.

December....Celebrated Sam's 5th birthday, finalized Andrew's adoption and celebrated Christams.

Now on to 2014......

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