Friday, November 15, 2013


1. I am very impatient. I'm better then I used to be, but it's a work in progress.

2. When I was little I went to visit my sister, Karen. While playing one day, I discovered that she had used quarters in the bottom hem of all the curtains she had made (to weight them down to make them hang straight). Before I left I opened all the seams and stole all the quarters.

3. I can't stand people who feel ENTITLED or are SELF ABSORBED.

4. LAZY is a four letter word....and not a good four letter word. I never feel like I'm doing enough.

5. I am not in to name brands at all...I love finding a good deal. The better the deal the better I feel about the purchase.

6. I hate cleaning (especially bathrooms, and dusting (come visit and write you name on my tv...ha ha). I would much rather work outside on yard work.

7. I am very wary of people and sharing the real me (....have never felt good enough....) and therefore don't make friends easily, but the friends I have, I have had since I was very little and they are like family to me.

8. I like fairness and following the rules.

9. I am a voracious reader.

10. In only 5 years I have changed my desire to be a stay at home mom. When Sam came along, I couldn't wait to get back to work (It is much easier then being a mom.). Now I hate the idea of going back to work and would love to be able to only have one full time job....home manager.

11. My biggest indulgence...spending time by myself.....cup of iced coffee, a good book, crackling fire....and an extended period of time to do my crafts.

12. I am very organized and hate clutter. Everything has its place.

13. I hate call waiting and being interrupted. The person you are talking to NOW should get your full attention. That's why we have voice mail.

14. I have never been called to jury duty.

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