Saturday, October 12, 2013


Our little man, Andrew, is 3 weeks old today. I love his big eyes! As of last night we are getting three hours of sleep at a time and downing 3 ounces of formula.
He's very alert and curious about everything.
Sam is hesitant to hold, Andrew, as he squirms a lot, but Sam sits with him and talks to him a lot.
This is baby central.
Having had a lot of toxins in his little system, Andrew has severe butt rash. My sister, Genie, says this is the best butt cream. She used it on her daughter, many moons ago. It doesn't have any extra stuff in it. and is suppose to work miracles. The only place that sells it is a German sausage house (too funny) that imports it directly from Germany. I keep you updated on how things go.

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happymomof2 said...

So precious!!!!!! He does seem very alert. Three hour stretches isn't too shabby for being only 3 weeks old!
Please so let us know how that butt cream works out- thanks!!!