Tuesday, September 17, 2013


We got more information on how our new teacher evaluation system works. It's all on-line, of course, detailed page after page, saying the same thing over and over and over again.

This is our principal's first year using it too. So in learning the new rules and procedures, it is taking  3 hours to complete each. That is just crazy!

I'm spending my time filling this plan out instead of "planning" for my students. More BS to give the state, that they will never look at.

We have to give a weeks lesson plans....which is all fine and good, if the day I started using my plans they didn't have to change because of how the students are understanding it. Don't we all plan too much, shift and move stuff around or change our plan altogether based on how the kids did with the information the previous day. So, if they don't evaluate me on day one of this plan, the chances of it being the same by the end of the week, from what I originally typed up, are slim to none.

Shouldn't I be spending my preparation time, preparing for the kids not the state!

I want to peruse IXL, Discovery Education and Promethean Planet, but instead I have to spend my time writing up copious notes to show the state that they will never spend THEIR time even glancing at.

Oh, and who's BRAIN CHILD was it to do a new evaluation system and start CCSS in the same year!

How about this idea? Give me the standards, resources, time and technology I need, put a camera in each classroom and look at it whenever you want. Evaluate me on that evidence. Make the kids responsible for learning, the parents responsible for their kids and me responsible for teaching.

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