Friday, August 23, 2013


After two weeks, I am so happy I came back to elementary school. I'm still trying to get my legs under me with the new curriculum and standards and I'm a little nervous about the new evaluation system, but overall things are coming along nicely.

 I got this cute basket on the first day of school. So sweet!
I'm doing a project with my kids for Open House. I take pictures of their hands and then we post them and the parents have to try and guess which hands belong to their child.

These are the hands of my little girl who has cerebral palsy. She is so kind and tries very hard. The other kids are very protective of her.

Here are the papers I have to correct this weekend. It's not that bad because all my planning for next week is done.

I love being back in elementary school.

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AJ Collins said...

Welcome back to school! :)