Saturday, August 3, 2013


I can't believe my room went from looking like this.... all this.......
I'm in a portable building so the room opens to the outside, very close the playground, but very far away from the bathrooms.
There is a little alcove when you walk in with hooks.
On one wall I put up my HELPING HANDS. Each hand has a something written on it that I am asking the parents to donate, like: pencil top erasers, old magazines or paper plates.
On the other wall I put the job chart and a few posters.
This is the view across the room from the front door. I love how colorful it is.
Up front will be my promethean board and computer area.
Here I posted the daily schedule and the homework board.
This is the supply area.
Here is the reading nook.
This is the math center.
I got the idea for this poster form Pinterest.
I love these helper sheets.
It makes rounding so much easier.
Here is the Daily 5 and writing area.
I also carved out a little area just for me.
I love this poster too. What a great idea.

At least it will look like this for a few weeks until this happens. Ugghh. I can enjoy it for now anyway.

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happymomof2 said...

Looks AWESOME!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous school year :)