Tuesday, July 23, 2013


In July of 2011 I posted about leaving my first school, after being there for 20 years. Then in August of 2011, I posted this, about moving from an elementary school to a middle school. I thought it would be a great move. I learned a lot, but I was wrong.

I lasted there for 2 years.

My two years contained days like.....
  this and.....
 this and...

I didn't feel like I made a difference. The kids are jaded. The parents didn't care and I felt useless!

I actually had my interview 2 weeks ago, but just got my "official" call from HR today, so now I have moved back to an elementary school and will be teaching 5th grade again. I know the grass is not greener....but elementary school kids are a totally different breed of animal then middle school kids.

I have so many ideas and things I want to do. I am feeling overwhelmed right now. I feel like I will never get it all done in time for school to start.

I moved into my room on July 22 with the help of a friend, who made a 5-6 trip day into a 3 trip day.

I had 6 large plastic tubs of stuff, plus....

....all this.

Now I can park my car in my garage again.

At the end of 7 hours on day 1 my room looked like this....what a mess!

At the end of 7 hours on day two my room looks like this....

 ....this is the view from the door as you walk in....mind you there are no posters or bulletin boards up yet.
 The white board on the left will be for reading and writing and the one on the right will be for math.

 My room joins with another teachers, also 5th grade.

 The corner in the back, on the left, will be for computers. I am told I will have 4-5 desk tops.

 I like the small desk caddies that I found for each group. I have scissors, glue and rulers in each.

 This is facing the front of the room. The screen on the wall will be for a document camera. I am also getting a mobile promethean board.

 This is my area! No students allowed!

 I love these cubbies.
I also love the area I arranged for community supplies. I have to pretty it up some, but it's almost done. I got the idea from Pinterest.

Sam has his sinus surgery tomorrow, so I won't be going back in tomorrow. On Thursday I want to get all my bulletin boards up, start making posters, labeling and "prettifying."

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birthmothertalks said...

Good luck!! Hope this move is an improvement!! Not sure how it could be any worse. haha loved the pictures.