Monday, June 17, 2013


We will be living in these two rooms for the next three days.....

......while our floors in the main living area are replaced.
Here's all the wood before they start.

 Ripping up the carpeting.

 Taking off the tack strips. Sam and Menlo are watching to make sure they are doing it right.
Menlo is not happy that strange people are in our house.
 Old carpet ready to be tossed.
 All the dirt that was swept up under the carpet. No wonder Sam was sick so much.
 Menlo checking out the work.

The floors are not level. It will void our warranty if we don't let them level it first. Since we did all our own moving it won't be as much as we expected and they are saying it will still only take three days.

 Here is "THE MAN," as Sam calls him, starting the process.

This is why we have to go in and out our windows. In this picture we are standing in our kitchen and in that corner is the door to our bedroom. The compound has to dry overnight so they can start installing the floors tomorrow.

They will be back at 8:30 a.m.

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