Thursday, June 27, 2013


I saw this idea on both The Pioneer Woman and My Five Men, so I thought I would give it a try too.

1. I am an A-personality and he is very laid back.
2. I drink coffee and he drinks soda.
3. I enjoy getting up and getting moving and he enjoys sleeping in.
4. He likes red meat and I like chicken.
5. I eat as little as possible and he can pack it away like a squirrel.
6. He likes everything symmetrical and I like having things at angles.
7. He loves football and I only like the commercials during Super Bowl.
8. He falls asleep quickly and I lie awake contemplating the dust in the corners.
9. I remember everything and he remembers everything about football, Star Wars and cars.
10. I am always early and he has to work at being on time.
11. He sleeps in flannel pajamas in the summer and I have on just enough to cover the naughty bits.
12. I grew up Catholic and he grew up Jewish.
13. I read novels and he reads magazines.
14. He loves music on while he works and I like quiet.
15. I can do 20 things at once and he focuses on one task at a time.

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