Thursday, April 18, 2013


The winds in Albuquerque are crazy in the spring. This isn't smog, it's dirt! My allergies go nuts! We basically hide in our house with all the doors and windows shut and wait for May to arrive.

Most of our adoption paperwork is completed. Next Wednesday we are getting our fingerprints done, taking the cats in for their shots, submitting our background check papers to the courts and getting our papers notarized. Richard needs to get his drivers license renewed and we all have to have a physical. We also need to finish getting our home ready for the home safety check (....need 4 carbon monoxide detectors, outlet covers and move all our cleaning supplies to the garage). Then I can start working on the family album that the agency shows the perspective birth-moms.

There are only 25 teaching days left of school. If you subtract next Wednesday when I'll be out (see paragraph above), the three days in May that I'll be in New Hampshire for Mom's 90th birthday, 2 days for DBA testing, finals day and the last day of school, where we get out at 12:30....that means I really only have 18 days left. This year I taught 7th and 8th grade math. I am still applying for and hoping to go back to elementary school, but if I stay at my present school, I'll be teaching 6th and 7th grade math next year. Middle school is for the birds and 8th graders are nuts!

Now that we have our last car paid off, saving for our BIG MOVE is coming along nicely. I am also enjoying purging my house of stuff and we are getting ready to redo our floors.

May and June are gearing up to be very busy months.

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Juli said...

Busy months for sure, but GOOD months.