Friday, April 12, 2013


In June LOWES will be replacing our carpeting with laminate in the main living area and playroom/office and hallway. We are doing this both for resale and to help Sam's allergies.

When they pull up the carpet, if the floor isn't level, they will have to poor new cement. If they have to do this we won't be able to walk in this area until it is dry which could take an extra couple days.

While this is being done we will only have access to the bedrooms, the master bath and the kitchen.

As you see from the picture above, to get from our bedroom to our kitchen you have to go through the main living area.

Wait for if the cement pouring work has to be done we will have to access these rooms by going in and out these two windows.....

...and then into the kitchen through the outside door.

We are in the process now of consolidating, purging and organizing so that the moving of all the furniture/toys/etc goes smoothly.

We have 2 indoor cats that will have to be confined to one bedroom with their food and litter box, the dog will have to stay outside during the day and Richard will have to lift him in the window at night (otherwise he would bark all night....) to sleep.

Sam will sleep in our room on an air mattress (If he cries at night, which he sometimes does, I don't want to have to access his room by going outside at 2 a.m.) because his room is down this hallway which is also being done.

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Juli said...

Yeah... I don't envy you. Good luck. Hope it goes well.