Thursday, March 21, 2013


Here are 20 life lessons that I either grew up with or wish I had known earlier.

1. God doesn't make mistakes. He is happy with you. Pray more, believe He hears you and stop worrying. In the end, everything works out for your good.

2. Never smoke or do's just not worth it.

3. Having a tan is not worth the risk of cancer.

4. Start saving money early and control your impulse spending.

5. Take time in your early 20's to travel.

6. You do not have to be ruled by your emotions.

7. No one else can make you happy. Take responsibility for your own joy.

8. Learn basic handy man skills: unclogging drains, repairing small leaks, replacing a faucet, painting, laying tile, caulking, etc.

9.  You can always start again. Your future is not determined by your past or present.

10. Look people in the eye and have a strong hand shake.

11. Speak properly and dress conservatively. First impressions can open many doors.

12. Learn to type. It makes life so much easier.

13. You will wait, so learn to wait patiently.

14. Learn to cook a good meal.

15. Always wear your seatbelt (and helmet when on a motorcycle).

16. Read. Read. Read.

17. Don't be impressed by labels and brand names.

18. Don't pierce or tattoo anything until you are in your 20's. Making these decisions early could lead to regret later.

19. Don't be jealous of what others have. You are not entitled to anything.

20. You will not always get your own way.

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