Thursday, January 10, 2013


Our little girl (14 years old), Jynx, has not appeared to notice that her friend, Cynder, is gone. We were nervous that since they have always behaved as mother and child, that Jynx would have a tough time once Cynder was gone. The only thing we've noticed is that..... Jynx sleeps on this chair. She has never slept on this chair, until Cynder spent her last night here. On her last evening with us, Cynder curled up, exactly where Jynx is, and slept here the entire night. Now, every evening, Jynx lays down in this spot, and spends her evening napping here.

Some may say we are anthropomorphising (attributing of human motivation, characteristics, or behavior to animals) this, but I have heard too many other similar stories, where animals will mourn the passing of a friend, (lying on a grave, sitting on a memorial etc...) to not think this is Jynx's way of mourning Cynder's passing.

I think it makes her feel better in her time of ajusting to a new normal.

What do you think?


birthmothertalks said...

Could be Cynder's smell is on the chair and that makes Jynx feel better.

Juli said...

It could also be where her scent is most prevalent. I know if we leave the house overnight I often find that the cat has slept wrapped up in our old clothes particularly our work out wear. (Which is probably TMI, but again, it's where our heaviest scent would be)

Either way, I believe that she is mourning the loss as best as she can.

RB said...

So sorry for your loss of Cynder. Jynx must be able to smell her on the chair. Animals are such blessings.