Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm always concerned when Sam is coughing because he coughs to the point of gagging and it sounds like it really hurts.

I called the specialist on Thursday morning hoping he could just prescribe something that would calm the cough and help Sam sleep.

They didn't want to prescribe anything without seeing Sam (I'm actually glad now that they didn't....keep reading.) and amazingly enough they had an opening at 4 pm (They wanted me there by 3:45 to check in....). I jumped on that. Same day service...that in itself is a miracle.

I let school at 3:00 and tried to sail across stuck in traffic....and didn't even make it home until 3:35. I ran into the house......Sam was still in his pajamas (sick day attire) I quickly striped off the boy's clothes, tossed on a shirt and a pair of jeans....ran out of the house so fast that Penny, the nanny, said she'd close up the house as she left and in the process I forgot Sam's shoes.

Side note....Sam does not like transitions and quick changes....he likes to know the plan well ahead of time, so me uprooting him in this manner did not go well and I had to deal with a his crying fit in the car and most of my journey back across town was calming him down and convincing him that the doctor was not going to give him a shot.

I called the doctor back informing them that I would not make it there by 3:45 and they informed me that I needed to be there no later then 4:10 or they would have to reschedule. Honesty time....I broke a few speed limits on the journey.

Anyway, after the exam they decided he did have a bronchial infection going on and upped his nebulizer treatments to two a day, gave us an antibiotic and another medicine with codeine so that he could sleep at night.

We got the pharmacy at 5:15.....more waiting.....and finally home by 6:00 p.m.

After fixing dinner and administering all the medicines....last one was codeine at 7:15......10 minutes later, while watching "Guess How Much I Love You," the little man was zonked out on the couch....I picked him up and placed him in bed and he didn't even wake up in the move. He woke up at 12:00  with another coughing fit, but after a short calm down time fell back asleep.

I'm assuming we are going to go through many more phases of this (changes in medicines, treatments etc.) as he grows up and his body changes.

I did pray that God would teach me patience! Watch what you ask for....Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting. So, now I am expecting a lot more trials where I will have to be patient.  Very funny, God!

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Connie said...

Good story. Happy ending. I think I would have just kept the PJs on! ;-)