Saturday, December 8, 2012


1. Boys never stop moving.

2. Shopping for clothes is so easy and cheap. Throwing away clothes is them cheap...Second hand stores are great.

3. You will see an amazing bond develop with Dad.

4. Looking at their "private parts" and discussing how yours are different starts early.

5. You'll learn to love trucks and blocks.

6. Rough housing is normal: jumping on furniture, hanging on doorknobs etc.

7. This is your opportunity to raise a good boyfriend and a great husband for someone. Someone who is responsible, respectful and caring.

8. They can turn anything into a gun....ANYTHING!

9. Boys will not sit still compared to a girl of their same's just part of being a boy.

10. Breaking a bone is normal (Although, Thank God, this has not happened to us yet.).

11. Invest in Clorox wipes (There are also flushable wipes that we use too.) for the pee that will be everywhere.

12. Boys still need to be hugged and cuddled.

13. Silliness starts early.

14. Potty humor starts early.

15. Boys love their mom's.

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