Thursday, October 4, 2012


I got this idea from Meredith at LIFE AT 7000 FEET.

My current read: I usually read for about a half hour before bed. My goal this year was to read 60 books, but as life usually goes, that has been greatly altered. I have read 27 books so far and right now I am reading, One Thousdand White Women, by Jim Ferus.

Current playlist: I generally like quiet when I am working, but I listen to the Christian radio station in the car.

Current color: My favorite color is blue, but I love purple, black and green also.

Current drink: I've always loved milk, which I drink at almost every meal. I also drink coffee and flavored water.

Current food: I hate to cook and just eat to give myself energy to do other things. So it is not something I spend a lot of time on or have interest in.

Current wish: less students in my classes.

Current need: a day to myself.

Current triumph: saving $1000 on our way to $17,000, so we can move in 3 years.

Current annoyance: My son still not being potty trained.

Current indulgence:  Caramelos...mmmmmmmmm.....

Current blessing: An amazing husband.

Current outfit: Anything comfortable and warm.

Current excitement: Balloon Fiesta

Current project: Using Zentangles to design Christmas cards.

Current plan: We had a realtor friend come to the house and give us a list of projects to do over the next three years so that in 2015, when I have 25 years with my school district, I can retire and move back to New Hampshire. We are also decluttering (clothes, shoes, toys, books, x-mas decorations etc.) to this same end.

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