Monday, September 17, 2012

......the days of our lives.....

We are finally getting into a new schedule and a pattern here at the Brumlik household.

* Richard does the morning routine (breakfast) and I do the night routine (dinner). Because of Richard's weird work schedule we only do dinner together about 3 nights a week.

* Richard takes Sam and the dog for a walk in the morning and I take them in the early evening.

* Now that the days are cooler, Sam likes spending a lot of time outside, riding his scooter and playing with the boys in the neighborhood.

* Sam calls me on the phone every morning because I leave for work before he wakes up. I love his phone calls.

* Sam still cries every time Daddy drops him off at preschool, but he only cries for a few minutes, has a really good day and is in a good mood when I pick up. Richard hates seeing him cry.

* Over the weekend Sam started using Pull-Ups. We set the timer for 60 minutes and when the bell rings he runs to the bathroom by himself and calls me when he's done. He's only gone #1 so far, but we are progressing.

* We went to TOY-R-US this weekend to work on our list for Santa. Sam found a red HOT WHEELS, 14" bike with training wheels that he LOVES!!!

* We are looking forward to taking Sam to the Balloon Fiesta in October and to Uncle Kurt's for Thanksgiving.

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Connie said...

I'm working you gave the bike a preview, eh?

Sounds like a great fall routine!