Saturday, September 15, 2012

POTTY TRAINING...the saga continues.....

I have been dealing with my need to potty train Sam and his need to control the situation for some time now.

I've always heard that around the age of 2 years is when most kids are potty trained, but that boys take a little longer....well my son is 3 and 1/2 (...he'll be 4 in December...) and he tells us when he needs to be changed and can wake up completely dry, but has no interest in using the potty.

Ugghhh....I am so tired of changing diapers.....

Back in June we put Sam in underware and said, "No more diapers," but then he was holding it all in and it created some constipation and bowl issues. After a week, the pediatrician had us stop training and he was put on a small dose of MiraLAX every morning, to help his colon shrink down to normal size.

Then Sam started preschool and we thought, now that he's seeing other kids use the potty, he will too. Well, he uses it a little, but still wears diapers and it has not progressed the way we would like.

So, the new plan is that we are going to switch to PULL-UPS and he will now need to, in essence, change himself (with assistance and supervision, of course). I am hoping that having him change himself and making it more in his control will motivate him to want to use the toilet.

We are going to do this for a couple months and then in November or December (the pediatrician said that he needed to be on the MiraLAX for six months to make his colon shrink down to normal size) we are going to switch to underware at home, still allowing the PULL-UPS for errands, bed and school.

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Jacksmom said...

Just throwing it out there to tell you what worked really well for us. Our son would go on his time but hated when we would ask him to sit on the potty. It created a big power struggle. I got him a potty watch and made it into a game. I'd set the timer and when it played the music and lit up we raced to the potty and of course I always let him win and eventually he wanted me to set the timer and he wanted to go all by himself. When he did use the potty we would do a silly dance afterwards that we called the potty dance. It just made it fun and put the ball in his court. The watches are only $11 and you can set it to every 30/60/90 minutes.