Thursday, August 30, 2012


The good news is Sam is 100% bonded to me.

The bad news is he is having a VERY hard time with separation anxiety while at preschool.

The teachers and I have put a number of things in place to try and ease some of his worries:

* The classroom has a very predictable schedule.
* They have taken pictures of the different activities during the day and put it into a flip book so that he can remind himself of what comes next, instead of asking the teachers 20 times.
* Sam has a picture of he and I that he can carry when he misses me.
* Richard has Sam call me at around 7:30, so we can talk and I can reassure him that I won't forget to pick him up (I have never forgotten or been late, so we are not sure where some of the worry stems from.). 
* They have Sam help with activities so that he will not dwell on what time it is.
* He and I talk a lot about how I want him to have fun and not worry about me. He doesn't experience any anxiety when he's home with the babysitter, so since he doesn't worry about me on those days he shouldn't worry about me when he's at preschool either. 

I am a little concerned about how much anxiety he is having at 3 1/2. I don't want him developing ulcers by the age of 5. I asked the head teacher, Ms. Kelli, about whether she thought a child psychologist could help, but she wants to give him until January before we go to that level. She has reassured me that some kids just need more time, exposure and experience.

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MtnGirl said...

Sam just might not be emotionally/socially ready to attend preschool. It might be better for him to consider keeping him at home with the babysitter a little longer. Is that an option? Does he cry/sob when he is missing you or does he just ask where you are? How much longer until Mom comes home, etc.? I'm sure that is hard for both you and him and I hope it gets better! :-)