Thursday, July 12, 2012


Nine years ago today, I married my best friend, Richard. I didn't get my wedding photos on a cd so here is my album. I had to take these pictures at an angle because my camera kept causing a flash to show over the pictures.

 We were married outside in the courtyard of an old convent.
 The kiss.
 Combining traditions.
 The top photo is Richard's family, the middle is the wedding party and the bottom photo is my family.
 The cake was gorgeous! Each layer was a different flavor.
 Cutting the cake.
Richard's siblings, thanking everyone and the best man embarrassing Richard. I love that picture.
The happy couple.
Dancing with Daddy, then with Richard and Richard dancing with his mom.
 We had a great party.
 I love the look on Richard's face.
The old wagon.
 I love this one of Richard and his folks.
 Richard's family.
 My gorgeous husband.
The bride.
 The bride and her parents.
 My family.
I love this one of Daddy and I.
So much fun.

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Juli said...

I love this. So many pictures that capture the memories. Thanks for taking me there...