Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This past week we took Sam to the top of the Sandia Mountains, where you can see all of Albuquerque. We did not take him on the tram ride, but drove around and came up the back side of the mountain. I love the tram ride, but at 3 years of age, I didn't want to scare him. We'll try that ride in a couple of years.
The wind was blowing like crazy, but it was 71 degrees, 20 degrees cooler then Albuquerque.
Then we walked in the woods some. He loved it.
We didn't come prepared with the right shoes, so it was a short walk.
Sam said next time he wants to bring lunch and walk around more.
These stairs looked scary and I was too chicken to try it in sandals. Maybe, next time.
We asked a tourist to take a family shot...too bad my eyes were closed....ha ha!
Sam hamming it up for the camera.
I loved our walk. It reminded me of New Hampshire.
This path is just down from the top of the ridge and although the wind was blowing really hard, but we didn't feel it much, but it sounded like rushing water.
We want to go back in a couple of weeks and make a day of it.
We'll pack a lunch and really take out time to explore more.
Sam had a blast!
You can see all of Albuquerque from the top!


Jeremy Bates said...

Great pics! I bet that was cool what with the view and all. Yeah, sandals don't make for good anything but lounging around or running community distances.

Sam is a lucky lad indeed.

Connie said...

Good on ya for getting out and exploring. It amazed me that so many folks seemed to not know that trees and cooler temps were RIGHT THERE.