Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sam and I went yard saling! I spent $5.75 and we had a great 2 hours! I didn't find anything special for me, but Sam found, what he likes to call, "treasures."

We got this great big container of Lego pieces for $3.00.

Sam got a new wind breaker and a shirt for $.50 each. Why do clothes found at yard sales always have that funky decomposing smell! Yuck!

These were not all found at the same sale, but each one only cost $.25.

All in all...a very fun morning!


mare ball said...

great deals! I always wash every yard sale clothing item...then it will feel like yours. :-)

Juli said...

That's an awesome deal on Legos. I usually stick with the Ebay bulk buy... 3 lbs for $20.

We have a 20 gallon tub full of them and they provide hours of entertainment. Right now Oldest is sitting next to me with a small pile on my bed, making Lego men to battle.

Howard said...

What a great way to spend the day and very little cash! Dittos on the Lego megabargain!