Saturday, June 2, 2012


These are the places of interest I've found in my recent BLOG HOPPING journeys!

Kate, at CENTSATIONAL GIRL, has amazing design ideas, links and cool DIY projects that I will one day have time to do. In the mean time, I can dream.

Jen, at I HEART ORGANIZING, is amazing too. I thought I was creative until I saw her blog. I would never have seen the hidden value and beauty in the items she and her contributors start out with. What they create out of, what I first see as junk, old furniture amazes me. I've hopped a lot from her site to others too. Organizing is just a passing hobby for me, compared to what this lady does. Amazing!

I want to be like Linda, at CRAFTAHOLICS ANONYMOUS, when I grow up. Another site that gives me great ideas for when I retire.

I signed up for BLOG TRAIN. There are tons of sites under many topics to hop to. It's suppose to get more people to come to your blog, but I only just joined, so the jury is still out on whether it will work or not.

Mary, at THE MOMMYOLOGIST, is a recent find from my recommendations on Google Reader.

Where have you been BLOG HOPPING lately. Found anything interesting? Let me know.

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