Wednesday, May 2, 2012 review

The last review I did was February and then came March....April and now it's May....ZOOM!

How did I get 2 months behind and not even know it?

Let's see.....some things to catch you up on...

I took about 2 months off from work while things got organized in New Hampshire and my Mom lived with me, which Sam absolutely loved! Everyday he would go to her room with me to get her up. He would remind her to take her pills. He would sit with her and read books. He also would bring her snacks and her lunch. When she left Sam said, "I miss Na-na. I wanted to keep her." Now they see each other about once a week on Skype.

Then after a week vacation, I went back to work. My first three periods did fine without me, but 4th period lost their minds. Things were stollen from my room, many were suspended and they made the subs life, hell. It took about 2 week, but things eventually settled down.

This year we noticed Sam being congested and sneezy a lot and since his birth mom, "K" has allergies, we decided to get Sam checked out by an allergist. He had about 30 skin pricks on his back. The doctors were great, but there was quite a bit of crying (by Sam not the doctors....) and I had to hold him the entire time. Sam did not like it, one bit. It was interesting for me to watch these welts suddenly appear on his back. We now know some things to watch for. The main things he's allergic to are some grasses (native to New Mexico) and tumbleweed. I'm trying to use this new revelation to convince Richard to move back to New Hampshire. Tumbleweed doesn't grow there!

The environmental stuff is what bothers Sam the most. Which makes total sense, since I notice he's the most congested and sneezy on high wind days. Normal spring weather here in New Mexico. He showed a slight reaction to cats and dogs, but the Doctor didn't seem as concerned about these and even mentioned that children that are raised around animals tend to not be allergic to them or grow out of it. He also said that Sam would have a hard time breathing all the time (since we have one dog and three cats), if this were the issue.

Some foods showed up positive too, mostly eggs, but he doesn't like eggs anyway. The doctor wanted me to cut out ALL EGGS to see what would happen, but DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY THINGS HAVE EGGS IN THEM .... WOW.... I had no idea. The boy's entire diet would've been changed and he'd be eating only fruit and vegetables. Since he doesn't complain of stomach problems, which is what food allergies can cause, I decided not to take these drastic measures (yet), but it's good information to have.

For now we have Sam on a daily dose of Claritin and we go in for a check-up at the end of May.

We had great success getting rid of the pacifiers.

We have gone from this..... this. When Sam turned three we got him to use his paci only for naps and night time. Then in April...(one horrible, non-sleeping, congested night....we're not sleeping anyway, so let's go for it....)....we got a letter from the Paci Fairy saying that little babies needed his. We put the pacifiers in a zip-lock and Sam put them in the mailbox. He's had a couple nights of wakefulness and his naps are getting a little shorter, but on a positive note, I think it's helped with the congestion issues at night some. Now if potty training were only this easy! Is there a DIAPER FAIRY?

We got a Family Fun Pass for the Zoo/Botanical Gardens/Aquarium and have used it about 5 or 6 times already. I love the freedom of not having to stay all day to get my money's worth.

The winds have been crazy here....clocked at 75 mph at the airport....are you reading this, Richard .....reason number #315 to move back to New Hampshire.

I have one month left of school and then I get two months off. We are finishing up the BIG DEAL STATE MANDATED TESTS. I am so excited for summer. We have tons of projects, trips and activities planned.

God is so good!


happymomof2 said...

WOW! You all have been busy!!! I understand the allergy thing:( We had my 4 yr old son tested right around 12months old- at that time they just tested for foods and I was surprised to find out he was allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts! We already knew he was allergic to milk and soy! Needless to say wherever he goes an epi pen goes too! He's out grown most of his food allergies but as he out grows those his allergies to environmental things increases:( He is on maintence breathing treatments daily as well as claritin. Of course we live in the Ohio Valley where allergies are horrible! We've gotten rid of most the carpet in the house as well as our black lab- he shed something terrible:(
Anyhoo good luck with the allergies and let the countdown to the end of school begin:)

Juli said...

Allergy tests for kids are the WORST! And my niece is allergic to eggs... it's a real pain to make something for her and Youngest, egg and gluten free. UGH!

I used every possible reason to move north from FL back to MA. What sealed the deal was when Oldest was born and I said I wanted to raise him to KNOW his family. Within six months we were back. :)