Monday, May 21, 2012


I love my sisters. They are so funny! Here is a picture they took at the Mother's Day/Birthday Bash for Mom (She just turned 89.). It's more of a family joke...but when Mom lived here in New Mexico, we always had get togethers at my sister, Genie's house and we would joke that Mom had to do all the clean up. It loses some of the comedic value in the translating, but I think it's cute.

Here they are enjoying the results......

Mom is loving living back in New Hampshire and being able to enjoy some of her other grandchildren. She's even been able to spend time with a few great-grandchildren too. Here she is with (left to right) Carly, Sandi, (mom), Karen, MaryKay and Hannah.

My sisters are enjoying having Mom with them, after having lived so far apart for 12 years. Mom still misses Daddy a lot (which is normal) and I miss them both, but it's very comforting to know that she has settled in to her new life easily, is constantly on the go and very happy. God is so good!

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Juli said...

The weather here is turning wonderful. You should get on a plane and visit quick, before you know it we'll be buried in snow. :)

Your family looks so happy, even mom though she's doing the dishes.