Tuesday, April 17, 2012


You are so blessed today because, I HAVE TONS OF THESE, and I am going to share my TOP TEN with you! When you leave a comment, which I know you will, let me know how many of my opinions you agree with.

* When you read a blog, you should leave a comment. (SMILE!)
* People should have to pass a battery of tests (health, psychological, financial, background check) before they can conceive children.
* When you are sentenced to jail (I'm not talking 30 days in jail for not paying a fine, type offenses, but more like, selling drugs, murder and robbery, type stuff.) your parental rights should be terminated.
* All health costs, for those in the fire department, police department and military, should be free.
* There should be automatic jail time for those who abuse animals.
* If your company gives you sick days as part of a benefits package, you should be able to use them whatever way you choose.
* The Congress and the Senate should get locked in a room with only water and pretzels until they can come to a compromise on balancing the budget and getting rid of the national debt.
* Don't complain if you don't vote.
* In most cases, social promotion should be stopped.
* DWI laws should be MUCH tougher.

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