Sunday, April 1, 2012


There are so many children out there that need FOREVER HOMES. There has to be a way to make it easier, cheaper and still be safe for the kids.

First of all, the FOSTER CARE system needs a totally OVERHAUL! I have nothing good to say about this system. Maybe we'll tackle this topic when we get to the letter F.

The next part of this puzzle is the fact that parents that have their children naturally are never put under the scrutiny adoptive parents are. They are certainly not required to lay their lives open as adoptive parents are. I really have no problem with the security checks, medical scans, fingerprinting and questions about every aspect of my life. If they were...children living in poverty, addicted to drugs or abused would virtually be obsolete.

Those thinking of adoption certainly need to do their home work:

* Research your options and what it will entail.
* Don't feel threatened by the birth parents.
* Be capable of discussing adoption with your children.
* Be sure the adoption is totally ethical.
* Be willing to just walk away to put your needs second to the child's.
* Be willing to embrace a culture that does not match yours.

My only real problem with the adoptive process is that it is totally financially inaccessible. Who else has to put out $20,000 to $60,000 just to bring their child home?


DayDreamer said...

Hello from the A - Z Challenge.

We have similar problems in the UK with far too much screening of potential fosterers/adopters so making it so difficult for people to be accepted to do this. Apparently there are reforms in the offing which are overdue but very welcome.

As far as I know, though, there are no payments to be made, unless it is through more hidden type costs.

Laura said...

Hi from the A to Z Challenge!
As someone who has a couple of friends who have gone through the adoption process (through foster care), it is disheartening to see the hoops they are made to jump through. My daughter would love to adopt...

MtnGirl said...

On the other hand, someone I know adopted from Russia, after "passing" all of their checks in the US and Russia. The mother has been mentally abused by her husband and the child has been stuck in the middle. Then he slapped her and he was arrested, but the court system says it's okay for the husband to come home and CPS says it's okay (I guess - don't know this for a fact) for this mentally ill man to be home with the child. The system fails children all the time -whether via foster/adopt system; international adoption, etc. Quite honestly, I think many adults are selfish and just want a child but forget about what they are bringing that child home to - whether the child is brought into the home naturally, via foster/adopt, or adoption.

Yet when a couple gets married, they have to jump through hoops in order to tie the knot, if/when they decide to have a kid (or even if they just have s#x - not planning to get pregnant) there are zero hoops! UGH!

Juli said...

HI! After your fabulous comment at my place I just had to come and see yours. :) I have a friend that adopted twins from Korea. I asked he once why she went out f the country and she said quite simply, "Their parents can't come back for them"

And I thought, how sad. We have so many kids in THIS country that need homes, it's such a shame that there is that fear. And of course the COST! Crazy.

And honestly, I think we should need a licence to have kids. Really, you need one to drive, get married, own a dog... but a child? Nope... here ya go.... have fun.... good luck.