Sunday, April 8, 2012

We love hunting for Easter eggs!

We left the Easter Bunny some carrots...

....and he hid candy filled, plastic eggs around our house.

We lined them up on the table, as we like to do most things these days.

Then we found our Easter basket hidden behind the chair.

Look at all my eggs.

Some of the eggs were hidden too high for me, so Dad had to help me get them down.

I also got a tractor, a slinky, lips (chap stick), and a helicopter flyer.


Juli said...

I miss the days when my boys would get excited by a few eggs containing jelly beans.

Now a days, the basket is filled with iPod gift cards, Angry Bird t-shirts, and a few pieces of chocolate.

And of course, the Peeps. :)

Dawn Malone said...

Happy Easter! Looks like the Easter Bunny left plenty for everyone! I love that the dog looks like he's helping, too - NOT!