Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been on leave since January 27th, so I knew I needed to inspect my classroom a little before starting back this coming Monday. I wanted to make sure the room was at least cleaned and organized before my first day back on Monday.

Well, I shouldn't have been surprised, but my desk had been RANSACKED! Every paperclip, stapler, pen, marker, sticky note and pair of scissors had been taken! They even took the peds (small socks) I use to clean off dry erase boards and my jar of Mancala tokens.

I spent a good hour cleaning desks, wiping down surfaces... REALLY? You can't at least erase the board before you leave... picking up trash and putting things back where they belonged.

Then I sorted through tons of papers and went through the multiple piles of STUFF that were just left around. Finally, I collected a few books and such to plan with at home. I was there...with Sam....he was a very good boy....for almost 2 hours and at least the room is organized again.

I know I am VERY organized....which should make things easier on a sub....but is it too much to ask just to follow the plans and keep the kids away from a teacher's desk. I have been a sub before and I NEVER allowed students to get anything off the teacher's desk. Ugghh!

Last time I had a long term sub (3 years ago when Sam was born), a student actually called 911 from the class phone with the sub in the room and when I checked the history on the computer, I could tell that, that is where the sub spent 90% of his time.

I am so thankful that we are starting the BIG STATE MANDATED TEST next week. It will give me more time to plan.



Konstanz Silverbow said...

My grandma was a teacher and I know often she had me come to her class and help organize and clean everything at the end of the school year.

Wonderful to meet you! I am one of the C0-hosts for the A to Z challenge and just stopping by to say hi!

Just a heads up, we ask that for the challenge you take Word Verification off so as fellow participants are stopping by, they can comment swiftly. :)

Konstanz Silverbow

Sandy -- As Told By Mommy said...

I'm glad you found me...I really don't use mommy blogs anymore, so it was lucky! That's fun that you live around here and have a son similar ages. Teaching would be the profession I would go into if I didn't long to just be a mom! I bet you are a great teacher!