Friday, March 9, 2012


Crossing off things from my TO-DO List is on of the most satisfying things in the world, ever more so when I can accomplish MORE then I expected. On March 6th I posted my tasks to complete for March. I have finished the following:

* reinstatement with APS after my leave of absence
* dog's stitches out (Richard took the dog in...thanks, Honey!)
* new blinds up in office (Richard handled this!)
* ship boxes
* set up Direct TV (Richard did this one too!)
* organize stuff in garage
* organize sewing room

Along with Sam's allergy appointment, my taxes and Dad's taxes will all be done next Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday I will steam clean the house and then it's time to start working on getting my calorie intake to 1600 a day. I also need to spend some time working on lessons plans so I can return to work on March 19th.

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